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Intense physical period of acrobatic training, trampoline practice, stilts walking and discovery of the pneumatics stilts technique. How to run and jump, how to make composition with the partner, how to catch the moment of suspension and use it. The curs will be modulated in relations to the different experiences of the participants. The basic course starts with the fixed stilts and the dance on pneumatics stilts will be task of the more advanced level class.

Multilevel workshop of traditional and pneumatic stilts

Body The weight | Body tension and open/close codes | The balance | Jumping dynamics

Stilts Experimenting the instability | Exercises on the line and on the rhythm | Walking and running organically | The timing in the suspension

Space Lines and directions, enlarging the space dimensions | Symmetries and group structures |  The optical screen of the actor | The dance on the stilts


The workshop Expansionific is born with the precise aim to share with actors, dancers and acrobats the theatrical use of stilts through a fully physical approach to the scene. Our training focuses on the body centrality in order to develop expansion dynamics inside the performer. This involves both our physical status as well as our consciousness and determines our effective presence on the stage or in an open-air performance. At the same time, the work on the rhythm in relation with a spatial structure characterizes different methods for actors. All these aspects become even more relevant when practicing a physical technique that employs external instruments, as in this case the stilts. This intense period of training will include stretching, acrobatic on the ground, trampoline practice, stilts walking and the discovery of the pneumatics stilts technique. The workshop will be led by Andrea Benaglio with the collaboration of the AteliercuncheoN staff. The format, duration and difficulty level will be decided based on the needs of the participants and the hosting structure, with the goal of realizing the most appropriate project.

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