Theatrical performance

Our theatre undertook this project starting from the study of Meša Selimović's eponymous novel, a masterpiece in world literature, set in Sarajevo during the Ottoman era.

We sought to approach this world by delving into the multicultural substrate of the Balkans, deepening the existential reflection of the novel's protagonist and his questions about bringing justice and goodness into human relationships. We also aimed to emphasize the individual dimension in contrast to established power and the inevitability of various fundamentalisms.

'The Fortress' is a predominantly visual and physical performance that prompts the group of actors to react to music from folk tradition through physical action, symbolic use of objects, and live musical performances.

Furthermore, various textual fragments from the original source were carefully selected to construct the dramaturgical framework of the performance. In this manner, we present a fully immersive theatrical experience lasting 55 minutes, without interruptions, capable of transporting the audience into a timeless and ritual dimension.

The performance setup is tailored for unconventional indoor locations or an Italian-style theater layout, with the possibility of creating customized versions for protected and intimate outdoor venues.



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