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Khakassian culture derives from the traditional culture of the nomadic peoples, the Tengrian worshiping cult of Heaven. Man is not the servant of God, he is the son of Heaven - the Father, and is a reflection of the world. Every man is sent by Heaven to Earth to perform a mission. Someone who understands the mission and reflects on his mission is called Taiji – or ruler. Singers travelled with the rulers, carrying tales to transfer the knowledge and the values of their society. Songs in the Takhpakh form were the main communication codes in Khakassia. Every self-respecting Khakassian had to have composed at least one Takhpakh in his life.
In the performance staged by Andrea Benaglio at the Chitigen theater, and inspired by the legend of Bamsey Beyrek, the artistic subject is not the plot is, but rather the experiences of the characters. The director, through the plastic possibilities of the actors, installs his sensations from the melodies of Khakassian songs. This is not a ballet in the classical sense, but a moving sculpture, where the melody calls a group of actors to different body compositions and dynamics. Such body compositions are interesting in the idea of expression, they touch the audience, who remains admired and is dragged into the Khakassian world. Here are some reviews of the audience: "A wonderful live music from the beginning to the end! The work of the musicians and vocalists is delightful. An impressive variety of Khakassian music!”; "The scenography is beyond praise. The minimalism background of the scenes allowed to concentrate on the action. The movement and the plasticity of the actors mesmerized and bewitched us- we were in another world, space and time...!". These words are very powerful: to show the unseen world, open a new world, and engage in it - is not this the treasured role of art?
Alexander Kotozhekov
dramatist, honored Artist of the Republic of Khakassia


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