Theatrical performance for actors, musicians and wooden coils.

Our company is proud to present you its new theatrical production for open-air locations and unconventional indoor spaces. The RATCATCHER is available for international touring with our crew composed of 6 actors and musicians from Bergamo province, Northern Italy.

The performance is inspired by the Pied Piper tale according to the Marina Tsvetaeva poetical re-composition, so powerful and able to disclose the fundamental ideas connected in this legendary history, so far considered reality and fable at the same time.

The scenic concept of the performance is based on the theatrical use of big wooden coils, moved by the actors to create the different scenes and present to public the town of Hamelin, a town of buttons and of the sober, buttoned up people…  "Able-town, such a stable town", with all of us risking to be absorbed by its indifference, by its faith, in the capital and the diffidence toward the stranger. The actors working with masks with live music perform an extraordinary moment available for any type of audience.



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